Science and Engineering Centre

A new precinct of Queensland University of Technology (QUT), the Science and Engineering Centre (SEC) is a Green Building with a 5 star rating.

What do five stars mean?

The Green Star system awards points to buildings based on their energy efficiency as well as other factors.

A five star building must have on-site energy generation, which can include renewable energy sources such as wind, solar power, and geothermal energy.

To meet the 5 star requirements SEC has adopted a tri-generational system, which is a system that efficiently utilises fuel by heating or cooling a building while also generating energy.

A five star building should also innovate technologically, and use advanced systems to track, report and manage energy usage throughout the building.

A five star building should minimise its impact on the environment while still providing a comfortable environment for the people inside.

Some local resources:

Green Buildings Alive:

Green Building Council Australia:


Clean Energy Future (Aust. Government):

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