Cube Studio

The new QUT Science and Engineering Centre (SEC) is a $250M development and has a focus on research and education in visualisation, simulation and modelling across all areas of science, engineering, technology, and maths, and integrated with art, design, and culture.

Within the SEC, The Cube is a Science Centre established to inspire current and future generations of scientists and engineers to build human capacity in rapidly transformingindustries and communities.

The Cube Studio was extablished in 2010 with a small team of interaction designers, computer scientists, technology experts working together with SEC building partners and QUT science and engineering academics. Our challenge was to short list a number of potential projects that would:

  • Promote scientific concepts related to sustainability
  • Best represent our research and design capabilities

See Project info here

The mission of the Cube Studio is to convey the excitement and understanding of science and engineering to families, students, teachers, industry and the community by galvanizing their curiosity and offering themcreative, participatory ways to learn.  

Key results areas for the Cube Installation in the SEC include: providing social experiences with: science and engineering content to industry, visitors and the general public; membership and sponsorship services; and broad engagement around creating compelling content experiences and broad stakeholder engagement with Faculties, institutions, individual researchers and external partners including how to find the best QUT stories for display and how to get the right people involved in updating content and software.

The Cube is an integration of technologies for gestural and multi-touch/multi-user interaction combined with massive projections displays, and social content that showcases science and engineering.

This application will assist broadly with engagement across institutions, individual researchers and external partners as well as within the group applying for the grant

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