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Published on August 17th, 2012 | by Deb


Welcome to the ECOS Project Website

The ECOS System is a playful interface that uses real-time weather data to simulate how a five-star energy building, in this case the new Science and Engineering Centre (SEC), operates in climates all over the world.

The ECOS Project is currently under development but will be soon installed at the new SEC in Brisbane Australia. The SEC will house a giant multi-touch, gesture and projection display (2 stories high and 12 metres wide).
This page will keep you updated with the latest team developments.
Our Mission:

To contribute to the conversation about the importance of green energy options for commercial buildings… from a local perspective and global respnsibility

The ECOS Team currently work from the Cube Studio, funded by QUT and the new Science and Engineering Centre.

Your Mission
Your aim is to reduce the buildingʼs reliance on mains power (coal power) by adjusting the levels of the green energy sources; solar, wind and gas.
Can you eliminate the need for mains power entirely to produce enough green energy to contribute back to the power grid and get a high score?

About the Author

Deb is an academic (QUT), interaction designer (sims, games, DSNs) and researcher (play for change)... The ECOS project is Deb's current obsession.

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